2022 ANME Show in Burbank, California:Make WAVES, the CC Wellness White Label Service, Introduces First White Label, Paraben-Free, Trying-to-Conceive Lubricant Formula

July 06, 2022 8:15 AM EDT (EZ Newswire)

SANTA CLARITA, CA -- The first-ever white label paraben-free, trying-to-conceive (TTC) lubricant formula will be rolled out by intimate wellness innovator CC Wellness through its white label service Make WAVES at the July 11-13, 2022 ANME show (Adult Novelty Manufacturers Expo) in Burbank, California.

CC Wellness General Manager Kong Son said that two new fertility-friendly formulas will be showcased: An on-trend rose-scented lubricant conducive to creating a romantic atmosphere for baby-making and an unscented version. "Rose-scented products are making a comeback and are well-known among aromatherapists for their uplifting and relaxing effects," Son added.

Make WAVES is the premium white label service from CC Wellness that includes formula development across FDM retail, specialty retail, and ecommerce channels. For CC Wellness partners, Make WAVES takes the guesswork out of what can often be a challenging brand development process.

"CC Wellness recognizes that safe ingredients are foundational to the sexual wellness category," Son said. "Our innovative formulation and manufacturing philosophy is why we've gone paraben free and why we source pharmaceutical-grade, USDA-approved ingredients. Our manufacturing facility is FDA- and ISO-audited and all of our organic ingredients are fully certified."

Paraben-Free Formulation

The new CC Wellness Make WAVES white label TTC lubricant formula is paraben free, glycerin free, silicone free, and does not contain Nonoxynol-9. It is properly pH-balanced and isotonic for maximum fertility effect.

Need for Lubricant When Trying to Conceive

For couples trying to conceive, sex can become less romantic and less spontaneous, making lubricants particularly helpful. And some fertility medications cause dryness, making it a necessity for people who are on fertility treatments to use a lubricant during sex.

"Clearly there is a role for lubricants to play in the fertility equation" Son added. "In fact, in the last few years certain lubricants without ingredients likely to hamper conception have been labeled as 'fertility-safe' or 'sperm-safe.'"


The ANME Show is the tradeshow event for U.S. and Canadian-based manufacturers to showcase and sell their products to distributors and retail buyers.

SOURCE: CC Wellness
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