4moms® Launches NEW MamaRoo® Multi-Motion Baby Swing™

July 18, 2022 9:49 AM EDT (EZ Newswire)

PITTSBURGH, PA -- 4moms, the makers of innovative baby gear, launched its next generation MamaRoo Multi-Motion Baby Swing today. Inspired by parents, the new MamaRoo still features five unique motions that soothe and settle your baby just like you would, but now with even more supportive features.

With 25 motion and speed combinations to choose from, parents now have the option to use the new Find Your Roo feature on the 4moms app to determine which MamaRoo motion and speed their baby will like best.  Still in a beta phase, Find Your Roo guides parents to find the Roo motion/speed combination closest to their own natural movements.  Parents are asked to cradle their phone – moving as they naturally would to calm and soothe their baby – and the app will suggest which MamaRoo motion and speed combinations are most like their own, helping to create a seamless transition from arms to swing.

"All babies are different. And as they grow and change, so do their preferences," explains Debbie Lee, CMO of 4moms. "The MamaRoo is the most adaptable swing for your baby, and now the new Find Your Roo app feature supports parents in identifying the best combination of motions and speeds – inspired by their own moves.  It's fun and easy to use. Whether it's set-up or adjusting settings to match your little one's changing moods, we've taken the guesswork out, making the MamaRoo the easiest and best soothing solution for families."

The NEW MamaRoo also has:

  • Wi-Fi Smart Home Integration that allows voice control with Alexa to offer a hands-free soothing solution. Google Home coming later this year.
  • Updated Bluetooth App functionality that allows for music streaming
  • Four new built-in sounds, including entertaining melody, soothing melody, nature, and brown noise
  • A convertible 3-point to 5-point harness for extended use
  • An updated design that includes a new touch-sensitive control panel, and a redesigned, machine-washable seat for added support and comfort.

Parents will still be able to select from five parent inspired motions, speeds, and sounds, and can control the swing using their Bluetooth-­compatible smart device. Parents can also save baby's favorite combinations, so their go-to moves are available with the touch of a button.

4moms will also be launching a new marketing campaign to support the launch this month.  Told from the perspective of its tiniest customers, babies will humorously explain to their parents why #OnlyAMamaRooWillDo.  The campaign will feature a comprehensive digital ad campaign, a national giveaway, and social media.

Lastly, with the launch of the new MamaRoo, 4moms has committed to donating 1% of every sale on 4moms.com to 4moms Cares, which provides MamaRoo donations to hospitals and NICU families in need.

"The MamaRoo has been an instrumental tool for NICU nurses and doctors for more than a decade. Its soothing motions have calmed and comforted babies in nearly 650 hospitals across the U.S.," said Lee. "Our 4moms Cares program is committed to growing our support of the NICU community, as so many of our consumers experience a NICU stay. This is a simple way that they can help us help hospitals and NICU families."

The MamaRoo will be available in two fabric colors – "Black Classic" and "Grey Classic" – and retail for $299.99.  It will be available on 4moms.com, Amazon, Babylist and Target.com today, and at buy buy BABY and specialty retailers in August.

4moms will also be releasing a new universal Newborn Insert that is compatible across all 4moms swings, and now the Connect High Chair, as well. There are four new, reversible colors and patterns to better personalize your MamaRoo look – maroon and dark grey (plush fabric), and yellow and mint (cool mesh fabric, which offers increased airflow to help keep babies cooler). Each sold separately for $39.99.

SOURCE: 4moms
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