Abbott Launches Its Most Personal Fragrance Yet: Papaya Isla

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NEW YORK, NY -- Founder Jose Alvarez Debuts Scent Inspired by His Childhood in Nicaragua

Abbott, a clean, unisex perfume company based in New York, is thrilled to announce its newest fragrance, Papaya Isla, launching on April 4, 2023. The brand’s new scent is inspired by founder Jose Alvarez’s roots in Nicaragua and scenes of his childhood, including explorations of volcanic islands in Lake Nicaragua.

Introducing Papaya Isla by Abbott

Papaya Isla contains top notes of papaya and passionfruit, with undertones of jungle greens and Ambrox.

In celebration of the fragrance debut, Abbott has partnered with El Porvenir, an organization dedicated to educating and providing access to clean water to underserved and remote rural communities in Nicaragua.

To founders Jose Alvarez and Michael Pass, perfume is an important tool that presents an opportunity to pay attention to the environment. They founded Abbott, an eco-driven brand, in 2016 with a commitment to clean ingredients, sustainability, and cruelty-free practices. A marriage of luxury products with awareness for eco-consciousness, Abbott scents have the ability to transport you in time and space, strengthening your connection with the outdoors. That’s why the brand’s new fragrance, Papaya Isla, is an important addition to the Abbott collection of perfumes.

The Fragrance: Papaya Isla

Inspired by five generations of Nicaraguan heritage, Alvarez’s familial connection to the land runs deep. His family’s home on a small island in Lake Nicaragua and the diverse landscape of Nicaragua’s countryside serve as the backdrop to the vision behind the new fragrance.

Teeming with life, Nicaragua’s volcanic region is lush with green, tropical trees like fresh coconut, mango, and papaya trees. Influenced by the landscape’s abundant agriculture and papaya trees, Papaya Isla is an uplifting and fruity, floral, and unisex scent. The fragrance’s refreshing papaya notes favor aromas of jungle green and a velvety amber resulting in a feeling of being far away from humanity.

“The foundation of this fragrance is rooted in the idea that everything we do starts with nature—escaping into it, protecting it, celebrating it,” says Alvarez. “Our brand was missing an essence of a softer, fruity floral scent, so the addition of our Papaya Isla collection really complements our line of perfumes.”

Like all of Abbott’s products, Papaya Isla is a vegan fragrance. In addition to being a sustainably made product, Abbott is proud to announce that its newest fragrance contains eight essential oils, eight upcycled ingredients, one biotechnology ingredient, and ingredients from green chemistry, which is an approach to chemistry designed to maximize efficiency and minimize hazardous effects on human health and the environment.

Abbott’s Continued Commitment to Sustainability

As product developers at Abbott work diligently to draw inspiration from nature, they prioritize repurposing materials as well as using biodegradable substances. At Abbott, there is no single-use plastic in its packaging, and its glass bottles are 100% recyclable. Papaya Isla contains 14 natural essential oils like Chamomile and Mandarin, which contain energizing properties. The Papaya Isla fragrance itself is 85% biodegradable.

Abbott Gives Back to Nicaragua

Abbott’s Papaya Isla Collection was created in collaboration with the Nicaraguan charitable organization El Porvenir. As part of its initiative to support El Porvenir, Abbott will give a percentage of all sales of Papaya Isla to the organization.

Since 1990, El Porvenir has worked side-by-side with rural families and schools in Nicaragua to construct wells, latrines, village washing facilities, and school hand-washing stations as well as supporting reforestation projects. The organization works to empower rural Nicaraguans to achieve better health through comprehensive clean water projects. With a mission to partner with rural Nicaraguans, they develop and implement lasting projects and educational programs that increase access to clean water.

A complete press kit for Abbott can be found here.

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Fragrance is a tool for paying attention to the environment, allowing us to slow down and live in the present. At Abbott, we not only take nature's health seriously, but also their customers. That’s why We create clean, non-toxic perfumes that capture the essence and memories of natural places. Each scent serves as a daily reminder of the beauty that exists around us. Our inspiration for these perfumes comes from beautiful natural destinations. We want to help protect these locations so they continue to inspire future generations to come. This is why we donate a portion of our proceeds to local charities that help to preserve each one of the locations that serve as the muse of our line of perfumes. We also choose not to work with over 4,000 ingredients that are known or suspected to have adverse effects on humans. That means no parabens, no phthalates, no sulfates, and no known carcinogens. Abbott uses the cleanest, safest, and most eco-conscious ingredients possible without ever sacrificing product quality or artistry. All of Abbott’s perfumes are hypoallergenic, and you will always find our full list of ingredients for all of our products. Learn more at

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