AiDot APP Upgrades its Smart Zone Page, Adds Music Rhythm Home Monitoring and Pet Sitting Feature

July 29, 2022 12:00 PM EDT (EZ Newswire)

LOS ANGELES, CA -- AiDot APP released the upgrade APP version by adding a smart zone page in the automation section, which contains four major features: Music Rhythm, Energy Dashboard, Home Monitoring, and Pet Sitting.

Synchronized color changes and musical grooves, cover whole space

Just tap on any of the listed songs and the lights will start flashing to the beat of the music. AiDot Music Rhythm feature gets users' lighting blinking and changing color in time to music without any delay which satisfies the needs for the creation of the ultimate music atmosphere. Feel free to change the color range, sensitivity and brightness by using AiDot's lighting brand products, such as the smart light starter kit including light bulbs, strip lights, recessed lighting, etc. Users can create a complete whole-space music rhythm effect.

AiDot Energy Dashboard helps users save energy and money

How much users will save money for the energy bills by adding smart home devices? As a smart home ecosystem, AiDot focuses on the energy usage in smart home products and the energy consumption reduction. Users can know the energy consumption of different smart products on AiDot App. The compatible products include smart lighting, cameras, solar panel products, etc. AiDot Green energy dashboard enables users to track the devices and analyze the results of energy efficiency monitoring.

Home Monitoring feature provides safety care for the loved ones

AiDot Home monitoring feature empowers users' security camera not only to catch the suspicious, but also to keep them away from their loved ones without worry. For this function, users can set a real-time detection in their chosen area to identify their family member's activities, especially babies. Pools, play sets, trampolines etc., all those activities are great for kids, but most of them will be dangerous without supervision. If no one is detected for a while, a push rich message with photos will be sent to users' phone, reminding them to check the situation at home. In this way, users can know the situation of elder parents or kids when they're home and deal with it in time.

Pet Sitting feature for better companionship and observation of the pet's habits

Users may find something wrong with their furry kids but can't figure out why, now they can understand them more and reduce their separation anxiety in time. The pet sitting feature of AiDot provides real-time monitoring and a deeper understanding of pets by data analysis. With monitoring and statistics, users can have a better understanding of pet's diet and activity habits. Knowing the times their pet enters the setting area is the best way to achieve that.

For example: When the pet is home alone, users can find out if its daily diet is normal by checking how many times it goes to the dining area. When users notice the difference in daily eating habits, they should pay attention to its health. If there are some areas in home that users do not want pets to enter, they can set these areas as no-entry areas and observe.

AiDot Smart home strive on family companionship and care. Help users have a better home through intelligent analysis. Home monitoring and Pet sitting feature are Cloud service of AiDot App, users can find it when using AiDot App or visiting

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