Aku and Paper Planes Come Together for a First of its Kind Collaboration

August 03, 2022 3:15 PM EDT (EZ Newswire)

NEW YORK, NY -- Aku, the cryptonative NFT character created by artist and former professional athlete Micah Johnson, and Paper Planes, New York based fashion brand that combines culture and streetwear fashion, announce their collaboration to create a special edition, limited run of 350 Aku x Paper Planes 9Fifty Snapback hats, which will be available exclusively to Akutar holders.

The limited run Aku x Paper Planes 9Fifty Snapback Hat is black with a green undervisor, features the embroidered Paper Planes logo alongside Aku graphic details on the front, removable Paper Planes and Aku logo pins on the crown, and additional Aku artwork on the right side.

The original Paper Planes hat has become highly coveted within the streetwear community, often referred to as the "The Crown." The Aku x Paper Planes collaboration is significant as it is only the second Paper Planes crown in history to allow a partner's design to be featured alongside the Planes logo on the front of the hat, as past collaborations usually leave their imprint on the designated hallmark right side of the hat.

"Paper Planes and Aku both remind us to dream, and aim to inspire us with the confidence and patience to pursue greatness in achieving our dreams. We've been mission aligned from the beginning, and excited to be able to share the piece of history this collab will represent." - Summer Watson, President and Co-Founder of Aku.

Aku and Paper Planes first collaborated in December 2021 for Aku's Chapter 7: Candle following an organic "aha" moment between Paper Planes Co-Founder Emory Jones, Aku Co-Founder Summer Watson and Aku Creative Council founding member Upscale Vandal. The concept and seamless collaboration for this limited edition hat came together the very next day after Chapter 7's release.

Paper Planes joined a select group of partners for the April 2022 launch of Aku's PFP collection of 3D avatars, Akutars, where Paper Planes designed unique one-of-one Akutar designs and rare traits for the collection of 15,000 Akutars.

In June 2022, the 323 Akutar Paper Planes trait holders were airdropped a surprise NFT package, currently available on secondary markets such as OpenSea, which they will be able to redeem for the physical Aku x Paper Planes hat starting today.

Aku began as an NFT series based on its creator Micah Johnson's own experience of hearing a young boy ask if astronauts could be Black. The first set of NFTs launched as short videos that followed Aku, a young boy with an oversized space helmet that acts as a portal to his dreams and digital exploration. The 10-part series was released in 10 chapters from February 21, 2021 to February 21, 2022, generating over $24MM in sales to date. Aku Chapters were followed by the release of 15,000 unique 3D avatars, or Akutars, injecting an impactful image of a young, confident, Black boy in the social media profiles of crypto and culture enthusiasts alike.

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