Appliance Coach Brings Affordable Repair Services to Los Angeles Area

August 11, 2022 7:48 AM EDT (EZ Newswire)

LOS ANGELES, CA -- The Appliance Coach has opened its services to include on-site appliance repair and maintenance in Los Angeles and Orange counties. The group, which provides quality, environmentally friendly appliance maintenance, has over two decades of combined experience in operational repair.

“We've done site visits with engineers, created manuals for trainees, and performed quality control for as long as we can remember,” said owner Patrick A Thackeray.

The Appliance Coach also has a focus on year-round maintenance and comprehensive operational checklists, to help homeowners prevent damage before needing catastrophic repairs. Their services include preventive maintenance and consumer education to save customers’ investments in their homes and protect the environment from wasteful disposal of salvageable household appliances. This maintenance schedule helps homeowners keep their appliances running smoothly for the duration of their lifespan.

The Appliance Coach employs technicians with factory service experience and ensures that the work performed will be straightforward and honest.

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