ARMM Offers Teachers the American Tactical Defense MAGLITE® Sponsored Active Shooter School Training

June 09, 2022 2:21 PM EDT (EZ Newswire)

DALLAS, TX -- ARMM Inc. (OTCQB: ARMM) (the "Company" or "ARMM") a firearms lifestyle platform focused on Self-Reliance, is pleased to announce that it has added the American Tactical Defense ("ATD") Active Shooter School Training, sponsored by MAGLITE®, to its ARMM Academy.

The events that have recently occurred in Buffalo, New York, followed by the tragic school shooting in Uvalde, Texas, and Tulsa, Oklahoma have cast the national spotlight back on firearms. Armm's leadership strongly believes in empowering citizens with education, confidence and real-world solutions to defend themselves and others in the event of an active shooter scenario. The Company is partnering with American Tactical Defense LLC, the most current, proven, active shooter training for schools.

The training content will be hosted with the Discipline section of the platform and app. The ATD, MAGLITE® Sponsored Practical Defense Video Series includes the following modules:

MAGLITE® Practical Defense – Active Shooter School Training / American Tactical Defense

MAGLITE® Practical Defense – School District – School Bus Driver Active Shooter Training / American Tactical Defense

MAGLITE® Practical Defense – Home Defense Training / American Tactical Defense

MAGLITE® Practical Defense – Phone vs Flashlight - American Tactical Defense

In the coming weeks, ARMM and American Tactical Defense will be hosting an Active Shooter School Training Live Webinar, at the Maglite Campus in Ontario, California. The Company will also be distributing a link to participate in the Webinar.

Teachers that participate in the Webinar will receive a free copy of the Teachers Pocket Guide to Active Shooter Response, and School Administrators will receive the School Threat Assessment Checklist.

"Now more than ever, given our mission of self reliance, firearms education and training, situational awareness has become paramount. We will not wait for political solutions, and are excited to share ATD's invaluable skill set and content in order to empower citizens, teachers and administrators at this time," said Mark Lawson, CEO of Armm Inc.

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