Civilian Safety Systems Launches The "Civic Eye Plus" Emergency Resource and Messaging App

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NEW YORK, NY -- Civilian Safety Systems LLC, a New York-based company, today announced it is launching its "Civic Eye Plus" emergency resource and messaging app, a service aimed at providing users with 24/7 mobile access to a wide variety of emergency preparation and training information from major storms to active shooter situations.

The service will be available on November 18, 2022 to customers across various countries via the Google Play Store. The new service will include three main features: (1) reporting officer misconduct (in pre-approved areas), (2) a unique Critical Safety System, and (3) an Emergency Training section.

“As 2022 has been an unfortunate reminder of how vulnerable our educational institutions are to active shooter situations, I wanted to make sure Civic Eye Plus addressed this specific issue by providing our users 24/7 access to mobile active shooter preparation training," said Bryant Baptiste, CEO of Civilian Safety Systems. "Although teachers, professors, etc., may be trained yearly by their institutions, Civilian Safety Systems believes every student over 18 should also be knowledgeable of what to do in an active shooter situation. We have also included a quick reference guide within the application to minimize the guess work in these unfortunate situations."

"The app is also equipped with an emergency training section that provides our users with situation specific links to Hurricane, Tornado, and other major storm situations that may result in a natural disaster," Baptiste continued. "Our Critical Safety System includes three categories: Natural Disasters, Active Shooter, and a Vacation Emergency System which allows the user to send a GPS enabled emergency message to three pre-selected contacts. The message will include the user's name, location and a brief message that can be passed on to authorities for emergency rescues if needed. Knowledge and preparation is the key to safety. Your safety is our priority. Civilian Safety Systems wants to put safety and knowledge in your hands with the Civic Eye Plus emergency resource and messaging app."

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