Loving the Plant, Supplemental Marketing Company, Launches in Casper

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CASPER, WY -- Loving The Plant is a new wellness product demo and supplemental marketing company, supporting the cannabis industry, headquartered in Casper, Wyoming with operations in California, Oregon, Utah, New Mexico, and Arizona.

Loving The Plant plans to expand over the next 5 years, and is aimed at offering affordable, relevant wellness marketing and demo support at retail locations. Loving the Plant specializes in helping companies create a story, a buzz and a narrative to help drive traffic to retailers and to help educate customers about the products they carry.

“When I started Loving The Plant, I knew that it was important that everyone who touches and works with the plant - loves the plant as well. I helped people find jobs, create resumes, license businesses and market their products in the early days of legalization,” said founder Jessi Cox. “Over the past 7 years, we have grown into a full scale wellness focused demo, supplemental marketing and digitally driven agency.”

Loving The Plant offers comprehensive supplemental marketing, adding to companies’ current programs or finding areas of improvement. They work with all budgets and sizes of businesses, with a focus on creating a vibe and culture for clients’ operations. This intentional marketing builds following, and increases sales and returning customers.

For more information, visit lovingtheplant.com.

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