Mabella Box Launches as Wellness Subscription Box Based on Individual Needs

November 21, 2022 10:14AM EST

Mabella Box, a wellness subscription box catered to the individual needs of each customer using items locally and naturally sourced through small and major businesses, today announced the launch of their service.

The products included in each box are healthy for both the consumer and the environment. Mabella Box aims to provide natural and healthy products to meet the consumer's needs while ensuring an environmental footprint as small as possible.

"Ever since Dr. Moore provided the rubric, we were certain of our choice of a wellness subscription box," said Josie Reeves, the founder of Mabella Box. "All five members of our group are interested in something related to the brand, whether it be health, fitness, or environmental concerns."

Launching December 2, 2022 at, Mabella Box will offer subscription wellness boxes delivered according to the consumer's choices.

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