Vantera Coffee Bean Company Selected as an Exemplary Company by the National Policy Alliance

December 12, 2022 5:11 PM EST (EZ Newswire)

THE WOODLANDS, TX -- Vantera Coffee Bean Company, (VCBC or Vantera), a majority Black American and African-owned producer of high-quality Ethiopian coffees, today announced that it has become the first company selected to be supported by the National Policy Alliance under its Medgar Evers Fairness & Equity Project (MEF&EP). Through influential established relationships with corporate America, the MEF&EP seeks to ensure that the dollars spent by Black and African American consumers are reinvested into their communities through substantive and sustainable business opportunities and management jobs.

The National Policy Alliance’s (NPA) mission is to advocate for public policy that will positively impact the African American Community. Its focus is specifically geared toward changing the narrative and redefining the future of Black America through policy, education, advocacy, community engagement, and economic development in the United States and abroad.

NPA is comprised of the chairpersons of several significant organizations representing Black public policymakers at the local, state, national, and international levels, which include the Congressional Black Caucus, National Black Council of State Legislators, World Conference of Mayors, National Black Local Elected Officials, the Judicial Council of the National Bar Association, Blacks in Government, the National Congress of Black Women, and Historic Towns & Settlements.

VCBC is managed by a group of highly skilled and experienced women and men.   After the majority of VCBC was recently acquired by Vantera Holding Corp, Don Polk, who was vice chairman of VCBC, became the executive chairman of Vantera.  Vantera is also owned by a leading Ethiopian coffee producer, as well as a leading Ethiopian logistics company that operates under Vantera (Ethiopia), which reports to Vantera USA.

Vantera delivers a combined 50 years of coffee industry experience and is uniquely the only end-to-end Black American and African majority-owned vertical green bean and roasted trading company of its kind in the world.

"Our genuine commitment is to deal with high-quality arabica green coffee beans, and as such, we have a vested interest in the wellbeing of the farmers, said Gaim Hagos, chief operating officer of Vantera Coffee Bean Company. "We also have a social, ethical, moral, paternal, maternal, and ancestral obligation to support our farms and workers. We have a special affinity with the women who work for and with us, and we have developed a program that will enrich, grow and protect the life, future, education, health, and net worth of women and their children. This initiative launched in Ethiopia in early February 2022."

Vantera Coffee Bean Company (VCBC or Vantera), a single source provider, has the access, expertise, and wherewithal to provide world-class coffee products and services to your business. Vantera can meet all green and roasted client needs.  VCBC has full chain control including ownership of five state-of-the-art coffee processing plants (or washing stations), with access or control in an additional 35 washing stations, and its own Trading House in Addis Ababa—augmenting all activities under strict compliance, with highly competent legal team oversight. It also has a complete supply chain ownership with 120 vehicles used to transport shipping containers from the origin to the Port of Djibouti. VCBC can scale to accommodate approved contract/s or order/s for up to one billion U.S. dollars over two years.

Vantera operates a 100% responsible, ethical, and sustainable business model. The company helps growers use sustainable farming methods at origin through its direct and long-term relationships, investments on the ground, and expertise. Vantera’s Ethiopian coffee proudly has CERES GmbH certification, a Nespresso AAA Sustainable Quality Program Award, and is Rainforest Alliance certified and USDA Organic certified.''

In addition to high-quality Ethiopian coffee, which is Vantera’s primary focus, VCBC has, or is developing, qualified sources of other high-quality coffees through strong “established relationships”, in Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda, Ecuador, Costa Rica, and Indonesia.

VCBC can now offer its customers comprehensive equipment solutions, including a variety of coffee brewers, liquid coffee and cappuccino machines, espresso machines, iced tea brewers, and specialty equipment.

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