Viome Life Sciences Unveils CancerDetect™, the Future of Oral and Throat Cancer Detection

August 04, 2022 10:00 AM EDT (EZ Newswire)

BELLEVUE, WA -- Viome Life Sciences, a mission-driven biotechnology company, announces the arrival of its CancerDetect™ test for oral & throat cancer, the first to launch in a series of diagnostic tests in development. This test is the first to detect biomarkers for early-stage oral and throat cancers based on technology that has received FDA Breakthrough Device Designation. CancerDetect™ is available to individuals at higher risk of developing these cancers, fulfilling an unmet need for advanced, earlier detection when it is most easy to treat. Viome's launch of the CancerDetect™ signifies a promising future for saliva-based, early cancer detection testing with Viome's advanced mRNA technology and AI-powered platform.

CancerDetect™ brings unprecedented accuracy to early cancer detection and prevention as the only oral and throat cancer test to offer detection with 95% specificity and 90% sensitivity. Oral and throat cancer is notoriously difficult to detect. Until now, it can often go undiagnosed until it has reached an advanced stage due to a lack of effective diagnostics tools, leading to low survival rates. Only 28% of patients receive an early diagnosis, and those receiving a late diagnosis face a prolonged battle with oral cancer. (National Library of Medicine). Early detection directly increases the 5-year survival rate for oral cancer patients, from 50% to 84%.  With CancerDetect™, Viome has developed a much-needed aid to detect early-stage cancer, leading to more successful treatment outcomes when confirmed with a biopsy.

"Despite all the innovations across the health landscape, oral and throat cancer has remained life-threatening diseases with few options for early detection," said Naveen Jain, Founder and CEO of Viome Life Sciences. "As an industry leader on a mission to identify and address the roots of chronic disease, we have been working for years to bring to market clinically-backed diagnostics solutions for cancer detection and other life-threatening and debilitating diseases. With the launch of CancerDetect™ for Oral and Throat Cancer, we have achieved this goal and plan to follow this in rapid succession with detection tools for additional life-threatening chronic diseases and cancers."

CancerDetect™ marks the latest addition to Viome's suite of clinically-backed Intelligence™ wellness  tests, including the recently-launched Full Body Intelligence™ Test, the most advanced at-home microbiome test available. Following the success of CancerDetect™ for oral and throat cancer, Viome is focused on enhancing its tests for the spectrum of GI disorders, including cancers.

SOURCE: Viome Life Sciences
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