Yepp is Changing the Way Creators Make Money with Memes

July 27, 2022 10:00 AM EDT (EZ Newswire)

NEW YORK, NY -- Yepp is a next-generation meme editor based on ML technologies that has just launched its beta version with more than 10,000 users to date. As part of its mission, the app wants to enable millions of people to monetize their sense of humor and provide tools to make content creation easy.

Now users can upload their own memes or choose from the app's trending memes database, edit text or images, and publish. Funny memes go viral and collect hundreds of thousands of views in the feed.

Yepp is shaped around several creative features:

  • Easy to become an author: with Yepp in-app studio anyone can create a meme without any skills, but just a good sense of humor. ML recognition technology allows editing any text and font, and a Face Swap algorithm replaces a face on a meme with your friend's. Besides that, auto content suggestions help to create funny texts considering your own sense of humor.

  • Get more subscribers: the app gives meme authors ways to easily get more subscribers and viewers. Smart algorithms based on user behavior create personalized memes feed for every individual user using different data: action rate, text and image recognition, the behavior of the user, and content. Neural networks also detect clickbait memes, duplicates, and stolen content and don't give them any views.

  • Earn money on memes: the app invented a unique revenue sharing model. Yepp earns money from advertising, and honestly divides the revenue between the platform and users: 50% of weekly revenue, with at least $1750 weekly. Where 30% goes for the friends that users invite to the app, 17% to the creators, and 3% to the users who are just watching memes. All of the revenue sharing and other analytics are fully transparent and can be seen in the app.

Denis Litvinov, CEO at Yepp says: "We have built Yepp to be the next-generation social network for high quality entertainment that treats creators as partners instead of a commodity, protecting their content and fairly distributing revenue on every level. The platform takes only a portion of the profits to cover operating and development costs. And the rest is divided between content creators on a daily basis in accordance with the value they bring to the platform and the viewers."

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